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Q4064: Can you recommend a good image editing program?

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Sure. I use a couple and I've also heard about a few others that I have not used but look like they'd be worth checking out. I don't work on a Mac, so all of these recommendations are for Windows.

LView Pro
I mention this one first because it was the very first image editing program I ever bought (back around 1995). It's very inexpensive and very easy to use. I still use it today for editing existing images. It's great for resizing an image from a digital camera for use on a web site. I also use it to add drop shadows. And it has a nice slide show feature, that allows me to easily view all photos in a directory.

JASC Paint Shop Pro
This is a full-featured image editing program, but it's available at a fraction of the cost of many other similar programs (i.e. Adobe Photoshop). I use PSP to create original graphics, especially ones that include text. It also comes with Animation Shop, a great utility for creating animated GIFs for use on web pages.

Microsoft Paint
I know what you're thinking: "Paint? You really use Paint?" Yes, I do. It has one very nice feature that does not exist in LView Pro or PSP. Paint allows me to easily see what a word or phrase will look like in many different fonts. This makes it very easy for me to decide on a font to use for a graphic on a web site. Allow me to demonstrate.

Start up Paint. Click the "A" icon for the text tool. Enter some text in a text box. If the Text Toolbar is not visibile, select View -> Text Toolbar so you can see it. In the Text Toolbar, select the very first font in the list. Since they are alphabetical, this might be Arial, unless you've installed other fonts that start with the letter 'A'. Now, with the first font highlighted, press your down arrow key to scroll through the list of fonts. As you do this, you'll see your text change to match the currently selected font.

Continue to scroll up or down until you find a font that looks good. In my case, once I've decided on a font, then I'll fire up PSP to actually create the image.

Note that I do not use Paint for creating images; the other programs I have do a much better job at that. But for deciding on a font to use, Paint does the trick quite nicely.

I have heard of many other image editing programs. I have not used them so I can't recommend them. But based solely on what I've read, they seem worthy of note. Many are free which also makes them attractive.

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