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This is a simple web site where I can answer some questions that folks have asked me. My hope is that the information provided may be helpful to more than one person. It's not a pretty web site, but it's simple, it loads fast and it serves the purpose.

IMPORTANT: As technology progresses, info and instructions on this site will become outdated. It up to you to decide if the help provided here is appropriate for you and your needs.

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    Consumer Issues
  1. How can I find out about product recalls?
  2. Is there a list of those three-letter airport codes somewhere?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using voice mail from the phone company?
  4. What's the deal with Canadian drugs?
  5. What's up with those Iraqi Most Wanted Playing Cards?
  6. Where can I find information about donated technology for my non-profit organization?


  7. Any tips for migrating from Eudora to Thunderbird?
  8. How can I receive faxes by e-mail for free?
  9. How can I reduce the amount of junk e-mail I receive?
  10. How can I send an e-mail to a list of people, while maintaining their privacy?
  11. How can I send plain text e-mail messages?
  12. How can I setup multiple e-mail accounts in Outlook Express.
  13. How can I setup my e-mail program to use my custom e-mail address?
  14. How can I setup my e-mail program to use my own domain name in my e-mail address?
  15. How can I setup rules or filters in my e-mail program?
  16. Why did the e-mail I sent you get flagged by a spam filter?
  17. Why don't e-mail links on web pages work?

    Home Projects

  18. How can I build some storage shelves for my basement?
  19. How can I build tennis ball cannon?


  20. How can I find out how fast my internet connection really is?
  21. How can I get rid of those X10 pop-under ads?
  22. How can I install/troubleshoot Internet Connection Sharing?
  23. How do I clear my browser's cache?
  24. What are some good newsletters to subscribe to?
  25. What do you know about Google?
  26. What's the best way to link to my RealAudio files?
  27. Why doesn't a new version of a web page appear, when I know it's been changed?


  28. How can I manage AvantGo hot syncs better, since they take so long?

    Personal Assistance

  29. How do you tie a tie?
  30. Where can I find reliable health information on the internet?


  31. How can I help prevent the spread of internet hoaxes?
  32. How can I setup Norton AntiVirus so that I'm fully protected?
  33. What's the best way to handle a virus, once detected?

    Windows Applications

  34. Can you recommend a good image editing program?
  35. How can I prevent duplicate entries in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?
  36. How can I print the background image on a web page?
  37. How can I record a wav file from a cassette tape?
  38. How can I type those funky characters (like Ñ)?
  39. What are some good telnet client programs?
  40. What are the codes that I can use to control the header and footer in Internet Explorer.
  41. What's the best program to use to play MP3 files?

    Windows Operating System

  42. How can I change the name of the registered owner in Windows 98?
  43. How can I create an icon for quick shutdown or restart of Windows?
  44. How can I create an icon on my desktop to launch a web site?
  45. How can I enable the "Save Password" option in dial-up networking?
  46. How can I get rid of the Windows logon prompt?
  47. How can I resize images for use on the web?
  48. How can I see if my modem is caller id compatible?

I occasionally have a need for a product that I cannot find anywhere. Please check out this list of products that I'm looking for, and let me know if you know where I can get them.

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